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Baseball Bats Buying Guide: Best Youth Baseball Bats Review

When searching for the best youth baseball bats, the size and weight absolutely matter. In fact, it’s probably the most important factor because it allows players to work on their hitting mechanics, batting stance, and swing speed. No matter how many bats are on the market, the best choice is always the one that complements the player’s body type and their swing. A general guideline is to find the heaviest bat that player can swing while still being able to control the bat.

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Best Easton Baseball Bats Reviews (Top Collection)

Easton Baseball Bats are One of the most popular types of baseball bats. Easton brand is one of the most respected names in the baseball bats manufacturing industry. A very bold statement to make but this company has been at the top for a very long time and they aren’t going anywhere The game of baseball is highly regarded as American’s favorite pastime. However, baseball has spread and gained quite large amounts of popularity in the countries all around the

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Best Combat Baseball Bats Reviews (Top Collection)

Combat is one of the best brands in the industry who is delivering the best baseball bats from years. The new 2016 Combat Baseball Bats lineup has just hit the market. Combat used the name Maxum of these new baseball bats for a reason, as these bats have the longest, lightest barrels possible with 20-40% more hitting surface when being compared to competitor bats. For 2016 Combat has evolved both their Precision Molding Technology and Seamless Construction by pushing the

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Best BBCOR Baseball Bats Reviews ( Top Collection)

BBCOR Baseball Bats are built with a minus 3-ounce Length to Weight Ratio, along with a 2 5/8″ Diameter Barrel. Made from one, or a combination of Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Composite, Adult Bats are also known as BBCOR Baseball Bats. A BBCOR “stamp” is required for use in High School and College play. Adult baseball bats can have stiff or flexible handles, balanced or end loaded weight distribution, and can be constructed with a single piece of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber composite, or

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Best DeMarini Baseball Bats Reviews (Top Collection)

One bat manufacturer that is best known for supplying the best sports equipment mainly baseball bats. The company founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. DeMarini has specialized in making baseball bats that simply hit home runs – DeMarini Baseball Bats are for power, not for any finesse hitting. In 1993, DeMarini took that reputation and advanced it further by introducing double wall bats (the DeMarini Doublewall bat was, in fact, the world’s first multi-wall bat). The ball bounced right off these bats,

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